• “Learned a ton, and met some really cool people at the Oceanus Aqua conference.  Look forward to next year.”

    James H. - B-Deck

    “Welding weekend was a blast!  Best team offsite ever.”

    Heather B. - B-Deck

  • “Spacious dance hall and bar.  Had a great time hosting my conference here.”

    Jen Z. - A-Deck

    “Gorgeous views of the Delta.  When the fog rolls across the water in the morning, I feel like I’m in a magical wonderland.”

    Christopher R. - A-Deck



    • Jul

      Ephemerisle – Aurora Island 2016 Event Time: No time set / Event Location: H&H Marina, Stockton, CA

      Ephemerisle is a gathering of thinkers, doers, artists, dreamers, muckrakers, and builders interested in life on the water.


      UNiQ STATE Presents JACK FROST Event Time: 8:00pm / Event Location: Aurora Yacht

      ❄️❄️UNiQ STATE Presents JACK FROST❄️❄️
      **House, Dubstep, Trap, D&B, Hardstyle, Hardcore**
      Proceeds to benefit “INTROSPECTION